Ten Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector in Broomfield

www.BuyAHomeBroomfield.com – Appendix A of learning how to buy a home in Broomfield Colorado. You can find a Home Inspector via Broomfield and Lafayette real estate agents in the Denver area.

APPENDIX A – Ten Important Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector

1. What does your inspection cover?

The inspector should ensure that their inspection and inspection report will meet all applicable requirements in your state if applicable and will comply with a well-recognized standard of practice and code of ethics. You should be able to request and see a copy of these items ahead of time and ask any questions you may have. If there are any areas you want to make sure are inspected, be sure to identify them upfront.

The Denver, Colorado area includes the communities of Broomfield, Lafayette, Arvada, etc.


Hi, I’m Miles. I live in southern Colorado. I have a guide about how to buy a home in Colorado called Nine Steps and 36 Tips on Buy a Home in Colorado. There’s also several appendices in this guide and the first appendix is 10 important questions to ask your home inspector. And their several questions you’re going to want to ask an inspector before hiring him for the job. You’re going to want to interview several inspectors and find one that you feel comfortable with. You’re also going to want to make sure your inspector is experienced in residential inspections. And of course you’re going to want to know how long the inspection is going to take and how much it’s going to costs. So keep in mind that a home inspection is for the buyers sack, not the sellers sank. So you’re going to want to hire this person yourself. So, this appendixes is just one of several that’s included in the free guide Nine Steps and 36 Tips to Buy a Home in Colorado, which you can download for free by going to www.BuyAHomeBroomfield.com. So thanks for joining me and be sure to check back.

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